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ODaF Welcomes Sam Spencer as Executive Manager

We’re pleased to announced that Mr. Samuel Spencer has recently agreed to join the Open Data Foundation executive management team.

Sam is currently working for the Australian Bureau of Statistics where he is a member of the Data management team, with a focus on DDI and related metadata issues. He’s has been a proponent of DDI and SDMX, and has a popular blog dealing with DDI and related topics. He has presented at IASSIST and EDDI, and has been working on an open-source tool called Virgil, which is a simple classification management tool based on DDI.

We expect to put Sam’s technical skills and passion for technology to good use. Besides helping with the day-to-day management of the organization, his focus will be on maintaining and strengthening the ODaF IT infrastructure, in particular in terms of expanding ODaF’s presence across social networks, which has been recognized as a priority following the success of our LinkedIn group. He will also continue to contribute to DDI in general through its support of open source projects and participation in various events. Sam can be reached at

The Open Data Foundation is always looking for individuals willing to contribute in various ways to its activities and vision. Do not hesitate to contact us at should you be interested in pro-actively support the organization, promote your project or publication under the ODaF umbrella, organize an event, of have any question/suggestion.

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