ODaF Europe 2008

ODaF Europe 2008

The ODaF Europe 2008 regional meeting will take place at the UK Data Archive on April 14-15. This regional event is open to all members as well as individuals and agencies interested to learn more about ODaF, get involved in our actvities or simply share ideas.

We are a currently drafting the agenda. The first day will start with a brief introduction of ODaF and an update on our completed, ongoing and planned activities. This will be followed by presentations by other participants. The second day will focus on new ideas, suggestions and discussions of the action plan for moving the organization forward in the European region. If you wish to make a short presentation of your organization’s activities or a particular topic, please let us know and we’ll do our best to integrate to in the program.

We would like to express thanks the UK Data Archive for its support and assistance in making this event possible.


  • Sunday, April 13th
    • Evening: Participants get together (The George bar/restaurant)
  • Monday, April 14th (09h00-17h00)
    • Morning:
      • Participants introduction
      • ODaF Overview, activities & projects [Pascal Heus, ODaF]
      • The DDI Landscape: status, agencies, activities [Pascal Heus, ODaF]
      • Metadata Standards Mappings [Arofan Gregory, ODaF]
    • Afternoon:
      • Integration of Metadata in FDZ-RV [Conny Dippold, Germany]
      • DANS Digital Preservation Project [Rene van Horik / Laurent Sesink, Netherlands]
      • ICPSR/SRO Shared Data Model Project [Mary Vardigan, USA]
      • The UK Data Archive [Louise Corti, UK]
      • Statistics Norway: Information Architecture – some challenges [Rune Gloersen, Norway]
      • The Institute for Study of Labor (IZA) [Nikos Askitas, Germany]
      • The Research Data Centre of the Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research[Stefan Bender & Dana Mueller, Germany]
      • Canada RDC Project [Chuck Humphrey / Raymond Currie, Canada]
    • 17:30: Reception at UKDA
    • 20:00: ODaF dinner (Lemon Tree, Colchester)
  • Tuesday, April 15th (09h00-16h00)
    • Morning: Follow-up discussions, ideas, brainstorming. Topics discussed:
      • DDI Version Confusion
      • Fostering adoption of DDI by national statistical agencies/li>
      • DDI Tools & Roadmap: communication strategy
      • What to do with metadata standards mappings?
      • Project for pre-configuration of Fedora to support DDI/METS/QuDExT
      • DDI Editor(s): wish list
      • User authetication / SSO: SAML, Sibboleth
      • DDI Profiles & best practices
      • Standard archive: SDFP? Need for preservation metadata in DDI 3.0.
      • QuDEX tools (qualitative data)
      • Organization of an RDC Meeting
      • Migration toools to/from Beyond 20/20, Supertab and SDMX
      • Next generation web based analysis tools, metadata visualization
      • Regional DDI User Group
      • Tools demo
    • Afternoon: Action plan, next steps