ODaF Europe 2009

ODaF Europe 2009

The ODaF Europe 2009 regional meeting will take place at the International Data Service Center (IDSC) of the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn, Germany on April 2-3. This regional event is open to all members as well as individuals and agencies interested to learn more about ODaF, get involved in our actvities or simply share ideas. Participation to the event is free of charge.

We are a currently drafting the agenda. The theme will focus on metadata in research data centers. The first day will start with a brief introduction of ODaF and an update on our completed, ongoing and planned activities. This will be followed by thematic presentations by participants. The second day will focus on new ideas, suggestions and discussions of the action plan for moving the organization forward in the European region. If you wish to make a short presentation of your organization’s activities or on a particular topic, please let us know and we’ll do our best to integrate to in the program.

We would like to express thanks to IZA’s International Data Service Center (IDSC) for its support and assistance in making this event possible.

PROGRAM (subject to change)

  • Wednesday, April 1st
    • Evening: Participants get together (localtion to t.b.d.)
  • Thursday, April 2nd (09h00-17h00)
    • Morning:
      • Welcome and Participants introduction
      • ODaF Overview, activities & projects udpates, metadata in Research Data Centers [Arofan Gregory/Pascal Heus ODaF]
      • break
      • The IDSC of IZA: Past, Present and Future [Nikos Askitas, IZA]
      • Concept Hierarchy Assisted News in Economics[Georgios Tassoukis, IZA]
      • The European Values Study and its metadata: stock taking and the future [Ruud Luijkx, Tilburg University]
      • The DRIVER initiative for networking repositories [Wolfram Horstman, DRIVER]
    • Afternoon:
      • Enhanced Publications [Thomas Place, Tilburg University]
      • The DatapluS Enhanced Publications Editor [Alerk Amin, Tilburg University]
      • Data Documentation and Dissemination with Questasy [Alerk Amin, Tilburg University]
      • SURF and Open Data [John Doove, SURF]
      • break
      • Overview and benefits of SDMX driven registries [Arofan Gregory, ODaF]
      • SDMX at the European Central Bank [Gerard Salou / Xavier Sosnosky, ECB]
      • Virtual web based Research and Collaborative Center [Pascal Heus, ODaF]
      • Summary of discussion topics for Day 2
    • 19:00: IZA Dinner
  • Friday, April 3rd (09h00-16h00)
    • Morning: Follow-up discussions, ideas, brainstorming.
      • Metadata: ingestion, archival, digital resources, project, researcher
      • Enhanced Publications
      • Standard mappings
    • Afternoon
      • Developments of the Data Infrastructure in Germany since the end of the 90s [Hilmar Schneider, IZA]
      • Action plan, next steps