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DDI Codebook Version 2.5 Public Review

The newest version of DDI Codebook – Version 2.5 – is now available for review at This version, an XML Schema, incorporates new substantive elements requested by the community and is designed to make it easier to migrate documents to DDI Lifecycle for those interested in doing so.

The zipped download package contains the new schema and three files describing the changes from the previous version, DDI 2.1. A spreadsheet with all changes highlighted in red is available here: Note that namespaces will be reviewed and changed upon approval of DDI 2.5.

DDI Codebook 2.5 is backward compatible with DDI 2.1. Because the changes are limited in scope, the public review of DDI Codebook 2.5 will be expedited and will not require the lengthy procedures set forth in the Bylaws for major changes to the specification.

The public review period starts today and will end on Friday, November 18, 2011.

To vote and to provide comments, please use the survey available at:

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