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DExT SPSS Reader

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

The UKDA Data Exchange Tools (DExT) in collaboration with the Open Data Foundation has just released a new version of a Java package for reading SPSS data files and export metadata in DDI 2.0 and DDI 3.0 CR 2 formats. The library allows allows for the export of the data in varous ASCII formats. The package can be retrieved at:

It is a sub-component of a DExT application that preservation and dissemination of data and metadata in standard formats.

XML Browser beta release

Sunday, January 21st, 2007

We have just released for beta-testing a new “XML Browser” tool that facilitates the exploration of DDI 1/2.x and DDI 3.0 documents and provides basic transformation for visualization in HTML.

It can be downloaded at:

The tool is Javascript based and runs in a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer and Firefox. It comes with an experimental 2.0 to 3.0 transform that maps variables (dataDscr/var) into 3.0 QuestionScheme, CategoryScheme, CodeScheme, and VariableScheme. Sample files from ICPSR and the IHSN have been included for demo purposes. You’ll find them in the “examples” folder below the software installation directory (if you use the Windows Installer, this will be located in C:\Program File\Open Data Foundation\XML Browser)

This is a preliminary release and there is certainly room for improvement. You input, comments, suggestions, ideas will be very much appreciated and helpful in making it ready for the general public. The code is of course open source and we welcome contributions from interested users. Also, if you have sample DDI documents or transformations that you think would be useful for integration in the distribution, do not hesitate to contact us.

Finally, we are also looking for a cool name for this product. Keeping in mind that it will be used for other statistical metadata specifications as well, email us your suggestions or let us know your favorites from the following list:
Dexter, MetadatriX, MetaDexter, MetaRaptor, MetatistiX, MetaVista, Metaxa, Panorama, Panoramix, StatExplorer, StatistiX, StatiX, StatiXML, StatiXview, StatMeister, StatScope StatoScope, StatVision, StatVista, StatRaptor, StatWeasle, StatXplorer, XPlorer

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
The XML Browser Development Team!