ODaF 2007 Annual Meetings
December 19th, Washington, DC, USA

*** Click here to download the 2007 Annual Meeting Report ***

The Open Data Foundation 2007 annual meetings will be held in Washington, DC, USA on Wednesday December 19th. All members who are in the Washington DC area during that time are encouraged to participate in person. Virtual attendence will also be possible through Skype and/or telephone conference call.

This event is made possible with the support of the National Opinion Research Center which has kindly agreed to make their DC office facility available to host the meetings. We are particulalrly thankful to our Director Dr. Julia Lane for her assistance.


  • I. Business Report
    • A. Personnel Changes
    • B. Financial Report
  • II. Report on Ongoing Projects
  • III. Status of Resolutions from 2006
  • IV. Marketing Activities
    • A. Website
    • B. Position Papers
    • C. Newletters and Blog
    • D. Conferences
  • V. Face-to-Face Meetings
    • A. Report on St. Helena Meeting
    • B. Discussion of Next Meeting
  • VI. New Projects and Ideas
  • VII. Resolutions
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