ODaF 2006 Annual Meetings
December 11th-12th, Washington, DC, USA

The first Open Data Foundation 2006 annual meetings will be held in Washington, DC, USA on Monday December 11th and Tuesday December 12th 2006. All members of the board of directors and board of advisors who are in the Washington DC area during that time are encouraged to participate in person in the meetings. Virtual attendence to most sessions will also be offered through Skype and/or telephone conference calls. The second day's morning session is open to the general public.

This event is made possible with the support of the National Opinion Research Center which has kindly agreed to make their DC office facility available to host the meetings. We are particulalrly thankful to our Director Dr. Julia Lane for her assistance.

Monday December 11th
08:30Coffee, registration
Reporting session
Legal status, accounting, achievements, milestones
Legal and operational issues
Directors & advisors, project management, contributions and funding, operations, core programs
Activities and Project
Completed and ongoing projects and activities
Activities and Project (cont.)
Future and potential projects and activities
ODaF Dinner
Location to be determined....
Tuesday December 12th
08:30Coffee, registration
08:45-09:00Virtual registration
Public session: What can ODaF do for you?
Mission, Overview, Programs, Recommendations, Projects and activities
Public session: Fostering partnerships
Collaboration areas, Contribution mechanisms, comments/suggestions/questions/answers
Review and Next steps
Review of year 0, priority activities, next steps
Legal activities, wrap-up
Approve resolutions, review draft minutes, closing comments
Question, comment, suggestion? Contact info@opendatafoundation.org