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Wolfram Data Summit, Sep 8-9, Washington DC

The 2011 Wolfram Data Summit will be held in Washington DC on Sep 8th-9th
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In 2010, Wolfram brought together the leaders of the worldwide data community for the first annual Wolfram Data Summit, an unprecedented, multidisciplinary gathering in Washington, DC. This forum allowed participants to share data-related ideas and innovations across virtually every domain of knowledge and human experience.

The unique format of the summit combines domain-focused sessions—on financial, geographic, medical, scientific, and other types of data—with vibrant, cross-domain sessions on topics of universal interest: crowdsourcing and collaboration, open government data, data in the media, linguistics and data ontologies, and much more.

In its second year, the Wolfram Data Summit intends to further develop this community, involving an even more diverse array of participants and topics.

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