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New ODaF working paper on Metadata

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

We’re please to announce the availability of a new ODaF paper on Metadata recently published in the German Council for Social and Economic Data Working Paper series.

Arofan Gregory, Pascal Heus, Jostein Ryssevik
Open Data Foundation (
March 2009

Rat für Sozial- und WirtschaftsDaten / German Council for Social and Economic Data
Working Paper No. 57

Metadata, or data about data, play a crucial rule in social sciences to ensure that high quality documentation and community knowledge are properly captured and surround the data across its entire life cycle, from the early stages of production to secondary analysis by researchers or use by policy makers and other key stakeholders. The paper provides an overview of the social sciences metadata landscape, best practices and related information technologies. It particularly focuses on two specifications – the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) and the Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange Standard (SDMX) – seen as central to a global metadata management framework for social data and official statistics. It also highlights current directions, outlines typical integration challenges, and provides a set of high level recommendations for producers, archives, researchers and sponsors in order to foster the adoption of metadata standards and best practices in the years to come.

Keywords: social sciences, metadata, data, statistics, documentation, data quality, XML, DDI, SDMX, archive, preservation, production, access, dissemination, analysis

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